Request a Refund

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

As a social networking service, operates in a digital realm where users engage in virtual interactions and access premium features immediately upon subscription or purchase. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms dealing with tangible goods or services, our model delivers value through instantaneous digital features. Consequently, the concept of refunds or cancellations is rendered irrelevant. Users benefit from instant access upon subscription, precluding the possibility of return or cancellation of digital services. Therefore, we do not implement a refund or cancellation policy due to the inherent structure and functionality of our platform.

Shipping and Delivery Policy: exclusively offers digital services, eliminating the need for physical shipping or delivery. Upon subscription, users gain instant access to our platform, making any shipping and delivery policy irrelevant to our business model. Our focus remains on facilitating virtual interactions and providing digital features, ensuring seamless user experiences without the constraints of physical logistics.